Rules changed as Celtic get off scot free?

Rules changed as Celtic get off scot free?
He's gone now, but his players replaced ours.... (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The problem we all have with Celtic’s (latest) moment of indiscretion is aside the obvious health issues and logistical foul-ups this has caused, there are absolutely no sanctions the government can hand out to the folks at Parkhead and the SFA have already confirmed they will not do a thing.

Before we go on, we do not want or indeed need 55 handed to us off the pitch. So in no way do we require help to gub Celtic and take the title.

But if they go without any recriminations or sanctions from any governing body, it absolutely makes a mockery of the entire rules set out for Joe and Jane Punter, you and I.

If a football club can literally do ‘wtf’ it likes with no repercussions, then exactly what is the point of the rules.

Celtic claim the new rulings came in the day they left – very convenient. Couldn’t tell you the date they left, we’re not Celtic fans and don’t pay attention to that stuff. But it seems a little too useful for them.

And word is the government have just changed the rules again to exempt elite sports, period, not just those away for competitive purposes.

Which is even more curious.

So not only are Celtic not facing sanctions, the government have now changed the rules to excuse them.

13 of them are now self isolating including their management team, and in case you want to know and haven’t heard, Jullien was their positive.

And before any of the usual types whine we’re going on about Celtic, sorry, but this stuff affects us. Our club, our city, our government and our lives.

Not that Celtic seem to care.

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  1. This is just another example of the corrupt and inept sfl that could couldnt orginise a piss up in a brewrey. The fact that ceptic have gone away for an intensive training camp and its a player that cant train due to injury that has got the virus shows the contempt that ceptic think they are better than the rest of us. Jullien is out for 2 month so shouldnt even be there if its for training puroposes. Ahh and the saga rolls on. Hopefuly killi n st mirren take the spfl to task about how they have been treated compaired to ceptic when they havent done half the things ceptic have done n they have been hammered for it. I bet the teams who voted not to investigate the spfl r wishing they had listened to rangers now and we wouldnt be in this situation.

    No1 likes us and we dont care
    W.A.T.P 😁

  2. You couldnt write this shite,its time UEFA looked at this fuckin pantomine,fuckin idiots of the highest order,should be banned for the rest of the season,
    WATP🇬🇧 22🍾🍻

  3. Oh dear , ho hum, they are getting away with it No Shit Sherlock ! It was going to happen like that bent shambles last season ..disgrace . I too ask no favours from those who beg . No one does like us …they like our money that’s all. Onwards 55 fuck them all.

  4. The elite sports exemption has always existed as far as I’m aware, it’s how we get to play in Europe, and how some other sports stars are in different countries for training. However, as has been stated by Sturgeon today, she doubts this trip should be classed in the same way. Fact that a player, who is out for 3/4months is the one who’s actually contracted Covid and is forcing the others to isolate, went away with the squad shows how little thought went into what they were doing there in the first place. Still, I hope that none of their major players are affected as we know that lot don’t need any other excuses for how this season has panned out other than the truth which is they are dugmeat. They’ve rested on their laurels while we’ve progressed to deliver a side capable of dominating teams across Europe.

  5. What a joke. Just saw the list of “first team” players missing due to isolation which includes 2 goalies, couple of injured players and about 8 players that wouldn’t have played. The team that starts contains around 7-8 players who have featured in the team regularly recently. I reckon we were probably more weakened going to Aberdeen yesterday.
    It also contains Shane Duffy who by their own admission left the Ceptic bubble to fly home and was announced yesterday as being unavailable by John Kennedy. If he left the bubble he becomes Joe Public and surely must be subject to the same rules as you and me which means he has to self isolate for 10 days.

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