Rangers to be voted 55? Growing concerns…

Rangers to be voted 55? Growing concerns…
At it again....

After last year’s League was voted to Celtic following lockdown restrictions, growing concerns are being raised this early 2021 that the precedent has been set for an exact repeat in the coming weeks should the situation not improve before the end of February.

Of course, we are currently in the worst part of it, as we knew during winter, and while the vaccine will help a tonne, it’s not overnight and will take many many weeks to get into wide distribution.

And until then, there are genuine growing suggestions that the league may have to be curtailed early, amidst Rangers’ 19-point lead.

Of course, Rangers are red-hot favourites to win the title now, with hapless Celtic miles adrift and not a soul believing they can catch Steven Gerrard’s men.

But that then raises the question – Celtic weren’t as far ahead in March last year, and were awarded the title by a vote – will the same happen this season, only to Rangers?

It’s the last way we would want to win 55, but there is just a growing concern, amidst this current high tier lockdown, that it may become inevitable.

It’s not tit for tat in any sense, but if it was necessary last March does it become necessary again?

Of course, the SPFL have set a careless precedent – there is no way, in the event of the season being ended early, that it can be voided. That would absolutely cause legal action Rangers would win without breaking a sweat.

This is their fault for stupidly holding a vote and awarding Celtic the league.

If it happens again this year, Rangers have to be given it too.

Only fair, right?

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  1. The difference is that in March last year the Covid situation was getting worse whereas this year by March thanks to the current lockdown and the vaccine program it will be getting better. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of time to finish the league.
    However, if for some reason we don’t I’d be gutted if we didn’t get the opportunity to win it on the pitch. This will be a massive moment in our history and I want to win it looking into the eyeballs of the Ceptic players. I’m not sure Ceptic fans felt the same last year.
    But if it comes to it the SPFL would be seen as inept and corrupt if they didn’t award us the title. Surely they couldn’t? Could they?

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