Rangers play down controversy as new deal secured

Rangers play down controversy as new deal secured
The man with the plan....

As we all know, Kai Kennedy has now finally, after much hooing and hahing and this and that signed a contract at Ibrox till 2023.

It brings to an end the bizarre saga which saw bad advice and bad influence play a major role in Kennedy’s ego increasing and his entitlement far outweighing what he had right to.

Yes, there were stories about Citeh and Bayern, and we’ve seen many times giants of Europe snap up youth players from supposed ‘smaller’ sides (look at Bologna (ok not giants but big) securing Hearts’ Hickey).

But the Kennedy stuff was toxic, and as we revealed before, a source close to Kennedy claimed that it was all Rangers’ fault for not giving youth a pathway to the first team, and what was the point of staying at the club with no senior squad action in the future.

Of course, Nathan Patterson and a few other kids have started getting a bit of a foot in, but the reality is you have to be good enough, and Rangers’ senior squad is of an extremely high standard.

And as such, Kennedy’s advisors have changed tact, dropped the media mess, and just let the boy get on with his football and signing a deal.

We will never know the full truth, because even what info we get here on Ibrox Noise is only one source’s info at any given time, especially when it’s a subjective anecdote, so it doesn’t cover the whole story.

But what we know is even Rangers’ Ross Wilson addressed the controversy over the boy during the press announcement, and said what needed to be said, whether it was entirely true or not.

What can’t be denied is his talent. Despite his small frame the kid can play, and he has a hell of a future in the game if he keeps his head down and does what he does best.

We’re glad the whole sorry saga ended well.

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  1. Nathan Patterson might see a path to the first team but I think he’s still to put his shoes on. This youth situation is serious and needs to be addressed. Maybe if we tie up the league early we can bring one or two in.

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