Rangers namechecked to plug how great the Germans are

Rangers namechecked to plug how great the Germans are
He loves us....

If anyone had any doubt as to the stock of Steven Gerrard’s Rangers and the exalted level we now hold in Europe, Bayer Leverkusen’s new right back Jeromie Frimpong’s mention of us and the context of such, dispels it.

On moving to Germany, the defender specifically talked about how Leverkusen’s matches against Rangers demonstrated their ambition.

That’s right – he exalted Rangers as highly as anyone in Europe by referring to how impressive his new team had been against us, and that showed just what they were attaining to.

There’s no question – Rangers are possibly the highest regarded in Europe that we’ve been since 1993.

While 2008’s trip to Manchester was an incredible club achievement, few fans who saw what was really there would deny we didn’t play good football on the way, and relied on an incredible defence and major resilience.

But Stevie’s Rangers has not only achieved these things on a fraction of the budget, but it’s played extremely well too.

And for Frimpong to be excited because he’s joining a team that actually did well against the Famous, well that says all you need to know.

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