“Only a matter of time” – 55 draws closer to Ibrox

“Only a matter of time” – 55 draws closer to Ibrox
This one is for them you, us - everyone.... (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

After Celtic blew one of their games in hand, those bizarre arguments implying the games in hand were any use to them were blown out of the water.

There is zero guarantee this Celtic team will win any of their remaining three games in hand, and it’s is simply a matter of time before Rangers are rightly crowned champions.

The sea-change in Scottish football this past 6 months has been more stunning than the one that happened in 2011/2012.

Remember, that Rangers side went into financial meltdown, lost our two best players over the matter of 3 months (Naismith then Jelavic) and just fell apart.

This Celtic has no issue with money, players or anything on the pitch, or indeed off the pitch. Quite simply they have absolutely fallen apart purely as a result of the pressure of the best Rangers team we’ve seen in potentially decades.

Rangers, under the astonishing Steven Gerrard, this season, have been ridiculously remarkable – without winning a single thing yet, the Govan side have blown out of the water everything from the east, with a remarkably lesser budget, and nothing more than talent and work rate plus a stunningly shrewd transfer strategy.

Let’s not forget the influence too of Ross Wilson, this absolute guru of transfer wheeling and dealing has taken Rangers to a new level – what Steven Gerrard is doing couldn’t be done without the best Sporting Director the Scottish game has ever seen.

He also couldn’t do it without the fantastic Michael Beale, whose tactical acumen has seen Rangers build a machine this season, an unstoppable force.

And Gary Mac, often derided as ‘what does he do?’ has provided our manager with wisdom and sage counsel, a fine consigliere and rock.

Make no mistake, with Celtic trailing by an embarrassing number with January not even halfway done, 55 is coming to Ibrox.

This is just reward for 9 years of abuse, 9 years of mockery, 9 years of ‘banter’ – the amount of rubbish Rangers fans have had to withstand not just from the Scottish game but from our own previous regimes of the now-distant past is quite abhorrent, and we are now only a matter of months or maybe even weeks from the true end of the Journey.

There’s not a soul in the world who thinks Celtic are coming back from this.

Not a soul who thinks Rangers will now implode.

And every single Bear and Bearette will savour this title, even though no fans could be present, like it’s the biggest achievement in Scottish football history.

Because it is.

To come back from the third division 9 years ago and on a modest budget be crowned champions over Celtic by a margin this big is quite simply the biggest achievement in our history.

It beats 9IAR, it beats Barcelona, it beats 92/93, Manchester – because of where we had to come from to get here, and how badly we’ve tonked rich Celtic in the process.

Those past achievements were incredible, but this trumps them all – and that’s from a generation who know what those meant to the club.

Winning the SPL isn’t the lofty colossus winning nine of them in a row is, or that winning a European trophy is, but from us coming out to that hedge in Brechin 9 years ago with our whole team gone, this is absolutely the biggest thing our club has ever done.

Simply the Best.

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  1. This near brought a tear to my eye….superb guys! All the more poignant as I have followed the club from the age of 5, being brought up in a Celtic supporting family in Glasgow’s East end, my very Staunch uncle took me to Ibrox one Saturday afternoon in 1990 & showed me the light & we have never looked back…..through the glory years of 9 in a row & beyond to the sheer heartbreak of being ripped apart by Charlton’s who just wanted to line there pockets & then dumped into the bottom tier…..I now reside in the Highlands & I was pitch side as Coisty led the lads out onto the pitch in Brora for the very first match post administration, years of abuse at the hands of that lot followed, & it sure has been a rollercoaster of emotions, then you throw in a Global pandemic & the loss of my mother just a few months ago & it feels like all hope is gone, but there is a beautiful shining light at the end of the tunnel, that light shines blue, red & white…..55 is imminent, Hope is restored, & by God we are doing it in style……WATP

  2. Excellent piece guys . I feel the pride in my chest puffing and strutting to what we have returned to. It was a stroke of genius by Mr David King and the board to bring Steven Gerrard and Micheal Beale and of course Ross Wilson to Ibrox and then support and back them 100%. The players have moved to a different level both physically , technically and most importantly mentally. They understand what it is to be a Ranger , as Mr Struth said we welcome the challenge. I’m not really bothered what happens to the rotten mob they deserve everything they are getting for their arrogance and disrespectful treatment of the Famous and other league members. I also quote Jonathan Watson’s Only an Excuse …’ I’m proud. , I’m very very proud …WATP GSTQ Onwards 55

  3. Well said mate. I am very much against counting chickens but even I feel 55 is on the way. Cant speak highly enough of Dave King, Douglas Park and others who have funded the Gerrard revolution. And to Gerrard and his team….. thanks, you’ll never know how much this means!

  4. Well said IN. At some point I’ll sit down and reflect what a monumental achievement this is. Let’s get the next 3 games out of the way first. Just in case. At the moment our biggest challenger is Covid and not Ceptic. I think in some ways we’re being robbed of our moment because it is all becoming so very easy. I think I will kind of miss that magic moment of Helicopter Sunday or final day shoot out against Dunfermline or the magic of Rugby Park. But this moment is too big to take chances with so let’s get it done ASAP.

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