“Null and void” – ridiculous suggestions follow positive test

“Null and void” – ridiculous suggestions follow positive test
The scene of the crime?

After today’s (non) shock announcement of a positive result from Celtic after their ridiculous Dubai trip, we’ve been amused to hear a number of Celtic fans suggest the season should be null and voided.

Rangers, of course, all but secured 55 with a brilliant win in Aberdeen to leave the (imminently former) champions trailing by a staggering 22 points and shattered in second place, but this breaking story today suggests repercussions upon Parkhead after the Scottish Government slaughtered Lennon and his men for breaching the guidelines in the first place.

And now that a positive has been revealed (the player’s identity is a secret for now) in the East, it does raise questions of exactly what happens now.

Sure, we’ve seen positive cases asunder in this country over the past few weeks (our own Filip Helander was one such), but the fact Celtic broke the rules and then were afflicted with one, only weeks after slaughtering Bolingoli for the same thing does make us wonder what could possibly be coming next.

It’s a difficult time for everyone, we’re not making light of all this – we wish the afflicted player the best, as we’re sure Scottish football fans did for Helander.

But it just leaves us wondering where things go from here now…

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  1. I’m not point scoring here (though Ceptic could do with the points) but I don’t see how the Ceptic game against Hibs can go ahead. What if players tested negative suddenly test positive on Tuesday. If I was Hibs I would be absolutely raging if I was asked to put my players at risk because of their ridiculous decision to go to Dubai.

  2. Give us 55 end of
    Were doing the bouncy all over the world

  3. Let’s no pull any punches here . This all wrong , wrong fucking wrong. All of sudden from tomorrow anyone coming from Dubai has to self isolate !!??! WTF is this the new rotten mob agenda , we’re shite we’re beaten, Rangers are the champions let’s collude with the green leaning SNP and the rest of the SPFuckingL to deny us 55 and give them another go at it next season !!!!!!!!! Really

  4. They fail to see the irony in their demands. Moon units the lot of them. Fact they went to Dubai was stupid, fact they breached rules while there, confirmed by John Kennedy, is just plain dangerous. Should have the book thrown at them but like many other atrocities it’ll just be swept under the carpet.

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