New Parkhead shocker mocks Rangers and wider SPL

New Parkhead shocker mocks Rangers and wider SPL
Who's laughing at you, kid....

There are some times when what you hear is staggering. Sometimes it goes beyond staggering, and others it’s a use of the most stonking brass-neckery it’s possible to engage in.

Then, going further, you have the utterly despicable ‘apology’ from Peter Lawwell yesterday, which may just go, somehow, down as an even bigger PR disaster from Scotland’s Shame than the Dubai trip itself was.

Celtic’s CO apologised for the trip, but ONLY to his club’s fans – not to the wider SPL, not to the city, not to the country and certainly not its people.

But get this, that’s not even the worst part of this ridiculous interview/statement.

Lawwell claimed, with brass neck firmly in place, that the Covid disaster has hit his club more than most.

I mean, where the flying **** do you start with that.

Peter, not only are you cheeky enough to allege that your jolly has in fact cost you players, but you gloriously overlook that two Rangers players had to sit out 7 entire matches because they broke mild protocol attending a party (not a pool do in Dubai, a Scottish party). That’s two months, and all you have to tolerate is a couple of weeks.

But of course, not only that, but the disgusting, stinking, ridiculous hypocrisy that this club is complaining about the impact of Covid on them when the damn thing gifted them an SPL title!

I mean… where on earth can we go with this?

What a vile abhorrent and disgraceful comment to make – people are suffering, dying, and unable to see their loved ones and not only do you claim a monopoly on the suffering, you’re the one who ****ing benefited from this damn thing last year!

Wow, never been more glad to be a Bear.

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  1. Yes and hibs had the right to ask for septic players to have covid test before the match,only to be told if hibs dont play this match there will be serious consequences for hibs fuckin utter joke and cheek by the spl,uefa should be looking at this fuckin farce by septic and spl,i dont know how they can get away with this fuckin brass neck chancers fuckin lowest of low,they dont give a fuck about anybody,now tell what happens now if hibs players contract the virus and start loosing players with isolation
    WATP 55 🇬🇧 21

  2. It’s not surprising in the least. That fucker couldn’t lie straight in his bed. They have been given this lax , do as they wish latitude by our so called football governance. It’s disgraceful , disrespectful and arrogant . As you say IN they were given 8-5* as a so called result of covid whilst blading Hearts , when all the other leagues , France, Belgium apart played it to a proper conclusion . The shit that they get away with makes you so angry.

  3. It was a sham statement. I mean try telling Hearts, Partick and Stranraer that they were less affected by covid than that lot. Surely they are pissing off enough folk in Scotland that should this season be called short, they’ve lost a lot of the allegiances that voted in their favour earlier on this year.

  4. Add in to the fact that apparently they’ve just placed their under 18s on Furlough to claim tax payers money after wasting a quarter million flying their squad out for an elite hair braiding session!

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