Kris Boyd

Kris Boyd
That grin....

On a lighter note, moving on from today’s result, it’s time for Ibrox Noise to take directly on the ‘Kris Boyd Phenomenon’.

This curious oddity has seen Boydy become a cult icon, a figure of positive memes and general praise, following years of his honesty about Rangers being rank.

Indeed, Boyd was one of the most crucified figures in the media when it came to Rangers fans assessing their pundits, because the former Rangers striker pulled absolutely no punches over past Rangers teams and regimes.

His honesty had him as a pariah, as a slated and shamed ex-player who ‘played up to his paymasters’ and expressed an anti-Rangers agenda.

Of course that was absolute nonsense.

Did he get things wrong? Sure, we all do. Your chums at Ibrox Noise always have as well, and we hold our hands up to those.

But he got absolute abuse for expressing his opinion, and being honest, and calling it as he saw it.

Now, he’s still doing it – he’s calling it as he sees it, only the difference now is Rangers are great, and from a figure of borderline hate, he’s now a hero.

We like it a lot – he deserves respect – he’s always been one of us, we are his team and it broke his heart as much as any fan’s to see how bad we were from 2012 onwards.

And now he’s being lauded, a symbol of our turnaround, his gloriously artificially white teeth beaming on interwebs everywhere.

And we love it, and we always had a tonne of time for him.

Enjoy your moment Kris, you’ve earned it.

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