Does Stevie G have a decision to make on Rangers captain?

Does Stevie G have a decision to make on Rangers captain?
He was signed in 2015 alongside this man.... (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

If there was one small blot in a pretty smooth afternoon for Rangers, it was the negative we deliberately omitted from James Tavernier’s solid 7 rating – that second missed penalty in a row.

Following on from his miss at Pittodrie, Tavernier’s record, previously 100%, is now just a little bit more shoogly and we do wonder if it might be time to open the penalty taking floor up to others.

Of course, neither missed penalty cost a thing – both matches in question were wins.

But Tavernier has been untouchable on penalties and the truth is his last two have been absolutely terrible.

According to online media, fans seem happy for him to continue on penalties, and we have little doubt he will, but we would definitely imagine some real doubt among fans at large will kick in if he misses the next one.

Of course, as we made the previous caveat, it hasn’t cost the side anything, and we’re sure Tav has the mental strength to recover from these misses and find the net again.

But if on the chance he does fail to beat the keeper (or the post) next time, it’s not an unreasonable notion that others be given the chance to take a penalty or two now and then.

We know we know, he’s the designated taker, and till Pittodrie his record was ridiculous.

But in line with his overall (slight) dip in form from ‘bonkers’ to ‘very good’ it does seem the penalties have gone south a little too.

There’s no shame in letting others take a penalty now and then. No shame at all.

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  1. Calm our horses? Do we sound stressed?! It’s a topic of debate. Most want him to continue taking the pens but our suggestion was ‘now and then’. Not dumping him completely! Maybe you need to calm your horses too Curtis 😉

  2. It wasn’t just 2 misses. It was 2 bad misses and some of his recent successes weren’t the best penalties either. This happened last season too. It seems to me that after a number of successes he seems to struggle to know where to put it. If you hit 9 or 10 in a row it gives goalkeepers more of an opportunity to work you out. Maybe let someone else hit the next couple but that didn’t end well last season did it Alfredo?

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