Celtic’s meltdown has hidden a shock factor about Rangers

Celtic’s meltdown has hidden a shock factor about Rangers
It's mostly because of him..... (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

I, just like all other Rangers supporters, have enjoyed watching the meltdown happening over at the east end of Glasgow. Story and story, the banter years’ baton has truly been passed over.

However how bad have Celtic actually been in the first half of the season? Having a look at the last 10 years in the league here are Celtic’s points total:


During 9* in a row, Celtic have averaged 45.89 points at the midway stage. Round that up to 46, leaving Celtic on average only 3 points worse than they have been. Thus showing Celtic have not been as bad as the hype has been out to be.

In fact, the truth is Rangers have stepped it up several levels. If you compare Rangers’ midway points total (53) this season to Celtics 9* in a row, this also shows some very interesting reading:

2019/2019171152Rangers + 1
2018/1919133342Rangers + 11
2017/1919135144Rangers + 9
2016/1719181055Rangers – 2
2015/1619134243Rangers + 10
2014/1519133342Rangers + 11
2013/1419163051Rangers + 2
2012/1319124340Rangers + 13
2011/1219142344Rangers + 9

Rangers are behind in only one season and that is just by 2 points. 2016/17 was also Brenda’s invincible season and we are on our way to surpass the points total off that season, but let’s secure the title first before we get carried away.

The point here really is that Celtic have not been has bad as the hype has suggested. They are 3 points behind their average total during the 9* in a row. Rangers have been far superior and this team is well set now to bring 55 and beat the standard set by Brenda in 2016/17.

We will quietly do our business but this title has not been lost by Celtic, this title has been taken by Rangers on sheer merit and brilliance!

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  1. Exactly my point earlier IN we are brilliant , we are resolute, SG and his coaching team have created this Blue Machine . Defy or disrespect us at your peril …WATP GSTQ

  2. 110%. That’s part of why the absolute meltdown across the city is quite so funny. We’ve been to hell and back and they’re showing their true colours. Long may it continue.

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