“A repugnant football club” BBC slates Celtic as world sees reality

“A repugnant football club” BBC slates Celtic as world sees reality
Scotland's shame.

The BBC have well and truly turned on Celtic 100% after Tom English, who has recently been scribing positivity about all things Rangers, absolutely categorically slaughtered the green and white fraternity in ways we have never seen before from Pacific Quay.

In an article taking centre stage on the Beeb’s sport section, English completely destroys Celtic’s ‘defence’ of their appalling act of indulgence, in which no contrition or apology was seen for anything they’d done, and instead their indignance and holier than thou mentality shone through as if they are absolutely entitled to do what they like.

In truth, when the BBC and Scottish Government slaughter you publicly like this, you know you’ve been a naughty boy.

Celtic have been more than that – they are now not only even more repulsive than they’ve ever been before, but the whole world are looking at this and the headlines their despicable attitude has caused.

Are Rangers angels – absolutely not, we’ve made mistakes, and boy have we been castigated for them.

But what Celtic have done is immoral – it smears Joe and Jane Punter who desperately want to see their loved ones and can’t, can’t go to the pub, can’t do anything – while rich fools in green and white sit around a pool with a nice beer.

We don’t think we’ve ever seen this level of condemnation levelled at Celtic in the modern age – there isn’t a single soul defending them, except their statement writers.

It’s reaping what you sow for thinking you’re better than everyone else, morally, class-wise.

Instead it turns out you’re a repugnant football club with abhorrent principles as we always knew.

And the world can see you now for what you are.

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  1. If I hear 1 more time one of them try to defend it by saying “We’ve done it for the past 4 years” I will crack up.
    News flash Celtic the world has changed, this time last year I could visit my Mum in hospital and guess what NOW I CAN’T. As the article says at least the world can see them for what they really are.

  2. Another true price of journalism IN . Tom English’s affinities are known they lean green. It’s clever journalism by him to call that mob out now. He gushed on 8-5 in a row , he was ruthless at our slip up last season after our Dubai trip castigating us for ‘ bottle crashing’ . The man is a died in the wool Jungle Jim . Sorry keep your pish English you and that other wretch McLaughlin . Real Rangers people and non rotten mob people know what they are, really repugnant too polite Onwards 55 No Surrender

      • Perhaps I over adjectivised it ! Clever in that he’s normally up their arse most of the time and this time he takes a different stance against them . I get sick of his stomach churning chats he had on BBC with Pakkie Bonner.

  3. Should be chased out of Scotland corrupt to the core,if this was the Rangers that did this fuck we’d be back in 3rd division and fined,
    You could only get away with this under a tim run Scotland

  4. Let them keep digging their own grave. Their decisions, quickly followed by their statements, are surely turning all of Scottish Football against them. They are no longer in the position of power they were when they lied and convinced people to award them a title over zoom!

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