A day Rangers fans waited 8 years for

A day Rangers fans waited 8 years for
Who knows who scored.....

On a day we remember the 66, we got the win, but my god for 45 minutes weren’t we were woeful.

In the first half, all Celtic had to do was run at us and it was utter panic.

No passing between our players, just thump it up the park, and hope.

This is something we at IN have been worried about for the last few weeks.

We have forgotten how to pass the ball out from the back when we are under pressure and today it almost cost us.

Being blunt, if we have the ball, they can’t score.

And we know we have the talent to keep the ball.

We have the skill to pass a ball, and to move it quickly through the lines, but just now, for some reason, we are not doing that part of the game well.

So, I really can’t wait to get that part of the game flowing again, because we all know that we can play a lot better than this.

And that really must scare the brown stuff out of the other half.

They know if we won when we were playing this bad, (be honest now that was a bad performance) what will it be like when we are on fire…and today let’s gloat, we are now a massive 19 points ahead. That hasn’t happened for a very long time.

Looking back at the game, and the key moment that changed everything, I truly think that the only thing that really surprised the Celtic players about the sending off, is they had a player sent off.

As we all know, Scottish refs now fully permit Judo throws and physical attacks on Rangers players.

So, it was really a very big surprise for just about everyone that we finally got a Scottish referee who actually made the right decision. Honestly, I’m not joking when I say I was half expecting the ref to turn a blind eye and give the foul against Morelos for play-acting.

But today was just massive, and we have every right to gloat.

For too long the other half always seemed to always get that wee rub of luck, and this win now puts us one very massive step closer to 55, and today the players showed they truly have some fight in them.

Today will also be remembered as the anniversary for the 66 that lost their lives 50 years ago.

And today, this Rangers team did them real proud.

There is no longer any doubt.

Rangers are finally back.

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  1. We were pretty poor today , but even so they could not affect anything. We have the loads of opportunity to win this game they failed like the failures they are and have been for a while. We will be the champions . The red card was correct the Irish Donkey should have had one too …Lolo

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