55 – a grass roots fan perspective

55 – a grass roots fan perspective
We'll be back....(Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

During this hard time in fitba with naw crowds in the stadium, all clubs and fans around the world are feeling the impact.

When ma team Rangers FC plays live on Sky, Premier Sport or BT Sport some money is made for the club and I’ve tried to help as a fan by buying stuff fae the Rangers shop tae put money back in tae our club.

Naw one would love tae see the maist successful team in Scotland gae bust, well och aye our Glasgow rivals Celtic would! During this hard time as fans we hae missed attending three Derby games that we hae won and also some big Europa League games like against Benfica at Ibrox.

We also missed being in Serbia tae watch our great country Scotland qualify fur a major European tournament since 1988 in the World Cup. Even though we couldnae be in the ground we wiz cheering them an in the hoos and whit a feeling when we won an how proud we were of our country, manager an players!

On the 2nd January 2021, the first derby of the year wiz at Ibrox the hame of Rangers FC. Celtic started the stronger team in the first 45 minutes an it wiz hard tae watch as a Rangers fan. Fur the start of the second hauf Steven Gerrard, the Rangers Manager made a sub ta try tae turn the game Rangers way but even that didnae change the game.

Celtic still wae the better team until 60 minutes into the game when Celtic got a man sent aff. At 70 minutes we won a corner an the baw wiz played in an came aff a Celtic player called Callum McGregor and went in the back of the net.

Och aye 1-0 tae the Gers and 20 mins tae gae. Celtic pushed but couldnae find a way past the Rangers defence or goalie. It ended 1-0 tae Rangers an that puts us 19 points clear at the tap of the table and Celtic hae still got three games in hand. The only shame the day wis that we wiznae inside the ground tae celebrate the win wae our players an manager.

We dae hope soon that we will be able tae be back in the ground watchin our beloved Rangers again.

But this is a hard time fur every team an fans around the world. Aww everyone can dae is stay strong an believe that in time hinks will change an be back tae normal again.

The next game is live on Sky an 10th January at Pittodrie Stadium the hame of Aberdeen FC. We understand it isnae the same as being there but it is better than nowt in these times.

A hope 2021 is our year with Rangers makin it 10 Premier League titles in a row an being the first team in Scotland tae make that history happen.

Let’s aww hope we can dae it an when we dae win the league that the fans will be back in the ground tae be able tae cheer an party this moment wae the whole club.

So tae everyone, stay strong, look efter yersel an yer loved ones and together we will beat this and be the Scotland nation we love an trust.

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