Thousands of Bears left fuming as Blue Pound exploited again

Thousands of Bears left fuming as Blue Pound exploited again
We'll be back....(Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Thousands of Bears have been left confused after an apparent law change again dumped certain TV rights of live 3PM matches in the UK and forced fans to find other means to watch their team.

As we know, St Johnstone nabbed exclusive UK coverage of Rangers’ match at McDiarmid, forcing Rangers fans either to pay them full whack for the match, or to use alternative methods.

Sadly Wednesday’s trip to Paisley will be exactly the same, and once again Rangers TV are not allowed to cover it for UK viewers, only global ones, meaning native watchers will either have to pay St Mirren, or use technology to their advantage.

We don’t know quite where this exclusivity or law change took place, but matches which would normally be on Sky or Rangers TV for UK viewers are now being whisked away and exclusified on other club TV and removed from national coverage for our own channel.

It’s disappointing, and if anyone has a technical or legal reason for this, we’d like to hear it.

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  1. The technical reason is they are greedy bastards who want to exploit devoted Rangers fans. The legal reason is they are allowed to.
    Seriously if there is evidence that Rangers fans are being charged more than other fans then the SFA or SPFL must step in. In the meantime don’t buy it and watch using well established “other means”.

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