The ‘Banner Years’ have begun as Rangers sail away

The ‘Banner Years’ have begun as Rangers sail away
Leaving them in our trail now....

As Celtic’s management and security erect barriers literally to stop their fans getting into their stadium, there is no question the ‘Banter Years’ are over and the ‘Banner Years’ have begun.

Coming only a week after Ross County scalped them at their ground before hundreds of angry fans showed up and attacked police, staff and the stadium itself, it is quite a sight to see the shoe of the last 10 years now suddenly on the other foot and it being Celtic now melting into disarray.

Of course, Rangers fans never disgraced themselves – it was a hard, hard time, and there were indeed peaceful protests, but never any of this – Celtic’s Green Brigade banners have apparently begun in earnest, and the bampot behaviour is accompanying it.

In four short months Celtic have gone from (fake) ‘Kings’ of the castle to absolute despair, while Rangers have aggressively gone from laughing stock to overwhelming title favourites.

It’s a stunning turnaround, and those barriers in the east are just the latest symptom of such a seismic shift.

We know, we know, we have as yet won nothing, but as Andy Walker said:

“They don’t look like conceding a goal far less losing a match.”

We know things can change, but can any Rangers fan in their right mind see Celtic turning this round and winning the title?

Can any Celtic fan?

No, it’s the Banner and Bampot Years now folks.

Get used to it.

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  1. WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED💪🏆🤸‍♂️🍾🍻,
    This is some run ffs,must be should be 55

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