Stevie G makes Alfredo Morelos position very clear

Stevie G makes Alfredo Morelos position very clear
The decision has been made.... .(Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Steven Gerrard has today effectively confirmed Colombian striker Alfredo Morelos’ place is assured in the team after revealing Morelos only has to keep working hard to get the confidence and goals back.

The 25-year old had a tricky afternoon at Utd, cutting a forlorn figure and missing a number of key opportunities, but his manager won’t be looking to Cedric Itten any time soon and will stick with the former HJK striker.

He said:

“Listen, he’s working hard. His application’s good, he’s getting chances. Maybe his confidence is affected slightly because normally that world class pass from Kemar Roofe, he’d normally take that on first time, but if he keeps working hard, stays focused and keeps working hard for the team I’m sure his form will turn.”

His manager has backed his star striker many times before, despite what was apparently going on on the pitch, and of course the elbow and booking didn’t really help matters, but Stevie’s initial reaction is certainly in support of Rangers’ main striker.

Former striker Kris Boyd, a pundit on Sky these days, suggested the manager may change his mind on reviewing the incident, but it does seem Morelos is one Stevie will continue to support and defend, and hope his man justifies the faith on the pitch.

Time will tell.

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  1. It’s understandable that the manager defends Morelos. After all he knows that he has an outstanding striker on his hands who banged in 30 goals in the first half of last season. If he could somehow rediscover that player then it could launch us to 55. But his patience is surely wearing thin and he needs to find a solution. For me this isn’t just a player lacking in form and confidence. He has changed the way he plays. In an effort to install some discipline he seems to have lost all his legitimate aggression but unfortunately has retained the silly pettiness that could’ve seen him sent off in his last 2 domestic matches.

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