Stevie G has changed Rangers up again, and one man is thriving…

Stevie G has changed Rangers up again, and one man is thriving…
Is he a Stevie favourite? We're not sure.... (Photo by Paul Campbell/Getty Images)

Ibrox Noise was recently contacted by a Romanian news company, asking for our thoughts and input on Ianis Hagi’s Rangers career so far.

It was definitely an irony that we gave an interview just before Hagi’s last two outings which have both seen notable improvement in not only his confidence and contribution, but his goals tally too.

Regulars will know we’ve always like Hagi, and found those public admonishing comments by his countryman Marcel Puskas frankly disgusting. They seemed personal, as if Puskas had some petty agenda against the Hagi name.

That said, Stevie had struggled to find somewhere Hagi could settle, fit in, be at his best in this Rangers team.

Over the past couple of matches it has started to look like he has, and his performance last night was right back to the Hagi of last season.

He was mobile, confident, lively, and his passing was very good indeed. No one on the pitch managed more shots, and of course he was the match winner.

The change? We think he’s benefiting hugely from Kemar Roofe’s form as a result of Stevie’s recent system tweak.

Hagi has been starting alongside Roofe in recent matches, and Roofe’s mobility and hard work is creating more space than Morelos was. For all the claims the Colombian was dragging defenders all over the place, he actually wasn’t, and Roofe clearly is. This is giving Hagi pockets to move into, and as we’ve described before, he’s like a lockpick, who sees space and runs and uses them acutely.

This is how yesterday’s goal came about. Roofe dragging men around giving Hagi empty space in the box to run onto and finish well with.

This is what we need from our 10, from either he or Aribo (who also had a good match), to burst into the box and score.

But Hagi is doing a lot more than just that, and he’s looking to find his feet at last.

And Rangers will be all the stronger for it.

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