St Johnstone to rip off Rangers fans in outrageous act of greed

St Johnstone to rip off Rangers fans in outrageous act of greed
They won't be happy at all! (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Rangers fans were left disgusted after St Johnstone announced the pricing recently for Wednesday’s PPV match with Steven Gerrard’s men.

The match, exclusive to Saints TV, will be priced £17.50, compared with the £9.99 Rangers normally charge for Ibrox matches.

Intending to fleece Rangers fans for the Blue Pound, Saints have hiked the price for this one, ensuring a colossal profit through exclusivity given Rangers TV will NOT have this match, bar audio.

Rangers fans have been left with a number of choices:

1: Take it on the chin and shell out £17.50 to fund St Johnstone.

2: Stream the match via ‘educational’ methods, which we do of course not condone.

3: Miss out on video and accept just the audio stream from Rangers TV.

We don’t know why we’re surprised at the sheer fleecing of Rangers fans by the kind of club who would have voted us out in 2012.

We certainly don’t encourage illegal means, but equally we don’t encourage anyone to pay them.

Miss out on this one?

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  1. Fuck them,they end up with nothing now greedy fannies!
    Watch by other means is a must
    No surrender💪🇬🇧

  2. They can ram it ! shower of shit I would shed no tears should they crash and burn or any of the other lot that stabbed the Famous in the back !!!

  3. I won’t be paying but I do hope to be watching. Don’t these stupid clubs know that other “alternative” methods are available. Had they priced it at even cheaper than £9.99 they could’ve made plenty and won some respect.

  4. Have watched just about every game on RTV since the drop here in NZ. First i heard about it being unavailable live. Free streaming for me.

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