SPFL hypocrisy as Rangers are damned

SPFL hypocrisy as Rangers are damned
At it again....

As most fans will know, Killie and St Mirren have been punished with a points deduction and a £40,000 fine for a covid breach. Both were given 3-0 losses for the fixtures in question, and we at Ibrox Noise are in full support of that.

We are, however, curious why Celtic and Aberdeen didn’t suffer these punishments and instead just had to postpone the matches.

Both Killie and St Mirren are considering legal action, and we can’t say we blame them on grounds of absolute hypocrisy.

That uneven punishment is certainly curious – Rangers of course had our own covid breach but it didn’t cause matches to be postponed, but we did have to suffer a 7-match player ban.

So, can someone tell us why the punishment for Killie, St Mirren and ourselves was so severe, but Celtic and Aberdeen kind of got away with it scot free?

If anyone can tell us that, we’d be first to listen.

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  1. Nothing new there then fannies same old trying to cheat the 9.5 iar,Not this time cos WE ARE BACK🍾💪

  2. Fellow Rangers we all know what all this about , anything at all to try and damage the Famous . What the bent green controlled SPfuckingL are giving Kilmarnock and St Mirren are all about supporting the rotten mob it’s bent it’s wrong . However once we win 55 it will fade into the distance and we will be restored to where we belong .WATP

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