SFA bias and agenda exposed again as Morelos goes down

SFA bias and agenda exposed again as Morelos goes down
She's at it again....

I have to admit I was expecting this. And today Alfredo Morelos must be wondering how others can get away with far worse and I have to admit that I am confused too, but for other reasons.

Just a few months ago, it was September 13th 2020 we ran the article “ ‘Assault’ – scandal in SFA as more Rangers players are attacked”, and waited to see if the Dundee United player would be suitably punished.

Instead we got this

“Dundee United boss Micky Mellon pleased to see Ryan Edwards go unpunished for Alfredo Morelos tackle”.

Then who can forget the wonderful elbow to the head of Aribo?

For those who forgot…. Livingston defender Ricki Lamie, was the player who made a bloody mess of Aribo, and the injury was so bad it almost cost Aribo his place in the international against Brazil.

Yes, I remember he apparently looked before he landed his elbow.

There was no retroactive action.

Ryan Porteous on Lassana Coulibaly. His tackle almost shattered Coulibaly’s leg, and after this match it is notable that Coulibaly was no longer interested in playing in Scotland, and Ryan Porteous was so unrepentant he posted a picture of the horror tackle on his Instagram account.

Again, he escaped any punishment.

And then we have Ryan Porteous again, this time on Barisic…Is it just a coincidence that this righteous ‘wouldn’t hurt a fly’ Hibs defender was responsible for two horror tackles on Rangers players and in one he clearly shows he is aware of what he is doing, but he got no retroactive action.

I also remember a match where an opponent (I can’t remember his name) deliberately ran over one of our players ankles and then ran away without a care in the world.

And Sam Cosgrove always seemed to be able to do 20 bad tackles a match, before the ref says ehhh come on you can’t keep doing that, then he does another five more.

Back then Morelos seemed to get carded if he even gives the ref a bad look.

So, something is very clearly wrong here.

In this case, Morelos deserves his punishment, no argument factually there….but the authorities are clearly not doing their job when it comes to punishing other players who deserve theirs.

And Morelos must be really wondering why they are picking on him, and only him.

Any bets that, just like Coulibaly, Alfredo is now totally fed up with Scotland and that is why he can’t be bothered anymore?

And every time the thugs in Compliance (ohh sorry my mistake) the thugs on the field win and scare away top players, all the teams in Scotland lose the chance to bring the best football players here.

This is talent all the teams in Scotland need. It’s not just Rangers.

And they are ruining the game for everyone.

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  1. i don’t understand why we don’t have someone at the club adding up all these injustices and if u added them all up over th last 4 years u could have a hour long video to put on social media with the question is it fair is there a even playing field… they could play clips comparing similar incidents in th same league and show everyone how biased things are….

  2. Agree 100% with all that you say. It’s blatant bias and hatred of the Famous. The ‘Thugs’ as you say know what they do cause they get away with it , know who they are as you mentioned the usual suspects Cosgrove , Porteous ( dispicable attitude by the way) to name but 2 . It’ll always be there , even on Sunday with several United players getting away with multiple fouls before any intervention by officials. We will overcome by winning 55 and hopefully 56 onwards . I’m sure some other green manipulation will appoint another bias compliance ( ha ha ha ) person to ensure we gain no justice or recognition . WATP.

  3. You can go all the way back to Simpsons attack on Durrant nothing happened to him and it has been the same ever since assaults on Ranagers players common place even by opposition fans and nothing happens but super Ally has a spat with Lennon and there is a government enquiry. You really couldn’t make this up been going on for over 30 years.

  4. I agree with everything you say including most importantly that Morelos deserved his punishment. To be fair he was lucky to escape similar punishment when he kicked out at Gardyne in the Ross County game (after taking a rather crude tackle himself). My heart sinks every time I see him do this. Let’s sort our own players (Morelos) out before complaining about others. However let’s hope the club are paying attention and taking note to highlight any injustices.

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