Rangers to be defaulted 3 points amidst latest SPFL bumbling

Rangers to be defaulted 3 points amidst latest SPFL bumbling
The lads celebrating....

Rangers are almost certain to be gifted 3 points after a photo emerged of Dundee United breaching covid guidelines before Rangers face the Arabs in 8 days’ time.

The comical violation of all the rules comes right after the points deduction and fines for both Killie and St Mirren after their own violations led to fixtures not being fulfilled, and it would now be a stunning act of rank anti-Rangers agendas if Utd didn’t suffer the same fate.

They’ve been very naughty boys.

Which is not to say Rangers want an easy three points, it’s hardly as if Utd would be much of a challenge having already been gubbed at Ibrox this season – but them’s the rules, and if Utd aren’t now docked the three points and the match scrapped we’d be very surprised.

It’s just another day another scandal amidst the SFA and SPFL’s absolutely shambolic handling of the situation from the start, but given these two organisations are amongst the worst-run football groups in the world, it’s hardly unpredictable.

What next we wonder?

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  1. Once this out we’ll see if the Rangers hatred surfaces again . I commented on the last article re Killie and St Mirren the rotten mob and the sheep should had the same , but no. Nothing surprises me that comes from those wretches at that bent collective. Let’s see how it plays.

  2. I can’t see them handing us any points.. they are doing all they can to help ceptic out this season I was reading they moved the hibs game to suit ceptic against th will of hibs if thts not showing favouritism I don’t know what is… it’s a season we need to be so good tht it won’t matter how much they try to bend it against us… watp

  3. My understanding is that Ceptic have been involved in a similar breach. Be interesting to see how that is handled. On a wider issue I can see this is something that could potentially wreck our season if we somehow let this dreadful disease through our doors. The rulings against Kilmarnock and St Mirren seem harsh if they have taken all reasonable care.

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