Rangers secure £11M – debt wiped out?

Rangers secure £11M – debt wiped out?
He's got a big part to play in this....

Thanks to Ibrox Noise regular Jay-Mac, we can bring you the full numbers of just how financially lucrative last night’s win actually was for Rangers.

Having secured the group win, Rangers go into the last 32 as a seeded team, and there are a tonne of bonuses which may not have occurred to some fans.

So we go through for you just what Rangers got from this, and as an side, what Celtic didn’t…

UEFA prize money:

Group Winners – 1,000,000 €
4 Matches Won – 2,280,000 €
2 Matches Drawn – 380,000 €
Default Group payment – 2.92M €
Share of Unallocated Pot – 253,333 €
Total – 6,813,333 €

And including earlier games and 10 year co-efficient payments, our total currently stands at 11,630,503 € which is around £11M.

And now we look at Celtic, what did they make?

Last in Group – 0 €
1 Matches Won – 570,000 €
1 Match Drawn – 190,000 €
Default Group payment – 2.92M €
Share of Unallocated Pot – 0 €
Total – 3.6M €

In short, Rangers’ sensational achievements this season have netted us a massive wad of cash, money never seen before in Scottish football at this level, while our eastern chums got peanuts by comparison.

Obviously the Champions League earns more, but at this level, Rangers are the best Scotland have ever had and have earned a lot.

And that £15M accounts loss? Not so bad now is it?

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  1. Awesome💪 bouncy bouncy bouncy📣
    We are rolling in it💷💰
    What an amazing run this is -it just keeps giving and giving👏👏👏
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    Peanuts for septic🤡s

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