Motherwell and their ‘anti-football’ at Ibrox

Motherwell and their ‘anti-football’ at Ibrox
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 19: Filip Helander of Rangers and Tony Watt of Motherwell battle for the ball during the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership match between Rangers and Motherwell at Ibrox Stadium on December 19, 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland. The match will be played without fans, behind closed doors as a Covid-19 precaution. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

We’re hearing this a lot over the past 24 hours, how Motherwell played anti-football and what a disgrace it was.

Indeed, most Rangers fans have condemned their negativity and that they went all out to sit in and defend.

Most Rangers fans, that is, who forgot Lionel Messi accusing us of the same thing in 2007 against Barca, where the term was indeed coined in the first place.

We recall it well – us fans defended our team resolutely, saying ‘what else did Messi and Barca expect’. We justified our tactics based on the football Barca played, and the fact we were an infinitely inferior football team.

Just as Motherwell are to us.

We’re in the minority at Ibrox Noise for this one – as ugly as Motherwell were on the eye, and as disappointing as it is to see a 5-5 formation, Rangers are so far ahead of the Steelmen on the pitch that it’s frankly a compliment to how good we are that Steve Robinson elected for this tactic.

We completely understand why they went this route, why they sat in, why the low blocks were their main strategy, and it frankly nearly worked for them.

Just like it actually did work for us back in 2007.

Now, it’s true that we did at least have Daniel Cousin up top to carry a bit of the weight and take some pressure off the back, but he was limited in just how much he could get the ball and what he could do. So yes, Motherwell kind of having no striker was even more extreme than us, but that non-striker setup still managed to score which is more than Rangers did that night.

Teams don’t want to be slaughtered by this Rangers side when they come to Ibrox. We’ve rattled so many goals in against fine sides at our home that a weaker side like Motherwell want to do everything they can to even get a point.

So the next time you take Robinson apart for his tactics, remember, we did the same thing too and we defended it.

As we had every right to.

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  1. It was embarrassing for Scottish football to watch one of our senior professional football teams resort to punting the ball as far up the pitch to no one for 80 minutes. I’m so glad that we eventually wore them down and they got what they deserved. Such dreadful tactics should not be encouraged.

  2. The 5-5 only helped us achieve the 55
    We will break down any diddy team system
    Cos WATP🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  3. Tbh IN i take them parking the bus as a compilment to the tram and management as it shows how far we have come and how much other teams fear us. Remember it was only 4years ago when motherwell beat us home and away to stay in spfl. We have come a long way and long may it continue. WRTP

  4. Just recovered from yesterday’s celebrations! That was the best 3 points this season in my opinion. Biggest question that’s been asked of us especially after conceeding early! Took a grind but I’ll take that anyday of the week, especially after facing a tactic like that. Last season we’re losing that game, shows how far we’ve come. Keep on marching on with results ground out of determination until the Old Firm and the pressure on Celtic on that game is simply massive.

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