Morelos shocker raises controversial questions….

Morelos shocker raises controversial questions….
No Morelos no Party?

We want to be objective and fair on this, we don’t want our own opinion on Alfredo Morelos getting in the way of critical and fair analysis.

For transparency, we don’t like Morelos. We’ve made that clear before, we’re not keen on him. He’s never been committed to the club, and took the first offer he got from a European suitor. His face trips him, and his current form is a subject of hot debate.

So, we’re removing ourselves from that subjective place, and being objective.

On form, Alfredo Morelos is the best striker the SPL has. Only Celtic’s Edouard comes close, and the day he gets a call up for his country is the day legit comparisons on all fronts can be made.

Morelos’ numbers up till 2020 had been stunning – we all loved his contribution, and his goals. His performances in last season’s Europa League not to mention domestically were world class. Simple as. They were.

But after the year turned and the team’s form evaded us, Morelos’ own fortunes slid.

And simply put, they’ve never recovered.

Let’s be clear on this – every single statistical and clinical analysis of his displays demonstrates the only matches he puts effort into are European. When it’s domestic, it’s a guaranteed flunk from him now. We’ve shown you the numbers, and we’re not talking about the ‘role’ he’s playing. We’re talking how much he moves, what his touch is like, what his passing is like.

We don’t care what Stevie has told him to play, if indeed that argument is actually valid, what we care about is how hard he works on the pitch. Look at Ryan Kent – never hides, always moving, always passing, always available, despite the fact his form is not presently sparkling.

Morelos, however, is a different picture. He did used to be a total bullying menace on the pitch, but that isn’t the case now.

He does still win in the air, and he forces defenders to get close to him, which does create space for others. But that’s more reputation than his actual vibrant movement dragging players around, because he’s just not as mobile as he once was.

But it’s best we leave the prime evidence to Steven Gerrard himself.

Fans backing Morelos talk about his new role, how he’s coming deeper and involved with more link up play and dragging defenders around, but his manager agrees his form isn’t there.

“If he keeps working hard, stays focused and keeps working hard for the team I’m sure his form will turn.”

Now, according to his biggest defenders this is all part of his new role, but even his own manager confirms his form is off.

If the manager himself announces that, will his biggest admirers also admit he’s just not at the races?

That’s up to them.

For us, we’d like to see Cedric Itten given a run. He showed a tonne v Poznan to demonstrate the right to get a shot, and we’d hope our manager agrees.

Change is good.

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  1. I’ve said it before but the team is performing miracles without a functioning centre forward. I agree about Itten. I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea but he deserves a chance and I believe he has something about him. To be honest how much worse than the Morelos we have now could he be. I’d like to see Defoe more often too. Morelos needs to go away and analyse what he is doing.

  2. He is just off his game at the moment. Pop him in the reserves to gain his confidence back and bring him back in.

  3. Id rather have the buff than itten all day long buff is a menace itten is a ballet dancer,the buff will be ready for the old firm

    • Buff USED to be a menace but he has had all the fight knocked out of him by Scottish referees. He barely makes a physical challenge these days and is more of a menace to us by continually losing possession.

  4. Let’s be totally honest yesterday he was awful and has been poor for a while. I agree perhaps a test till the OF game and Royal Antwerp would be a plan . Itten looks ok but he is a little lightweight .

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