Doncaster outrage amidst SPFL farce – AGAIN

Doncaster outrage amidst SPFL farce – AGAIN
At it again....

SPFL CE Neil Doncaster has once again insisted First Minister Nicola Sturgeon put Scottish lives in danger by allowing fans to return to matches before the situation is under control north of the border.

The hopeless failure of a chief of our game has history for begging like an immature child to a parent demanding the First Minister allows fans to return, and we can only roll our eyes at the tone of his whining.

Here it is in full:

“Clubs all over the country have similarly detailed plans in place to allow fans back safely and are increasingly bemused, frustrated and angry at the Scottish Government’s stance. Fans should gradually be allowed back under very controlled circumstances. The social, clinical and economic evidence is being dismissed by the Scottish Government. How can it be fair or reasonable that you can currently watch a football game in a cinema in Aberdeen, yet cannot attend a socially-distanced, carefully controlled football match outdoors in the same city? The fact that Scottish football fans can now see thousands of English supporters attending matches at dozens of grounds down south is rubbing salt in the wounds.”

Once again, Doncaster ignores the tier system, whereby Scotland is still very much in a risk situation, where not all of England is classed under that.

Not all English sides are able to have fans back, because there’s still a high risk to life in those places, but Doncaster, pretending to be some kind of social justice warrior now, ignores the science and is only interested in self preservation.

The embarrassing rhetoric from him really pains us to grasp why half a million squid a season is wasted on this monkey.

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  1. This must be coming from parkheed desperate to get the girls brigade back
    Never mind the 9.5*iar bhoys 55 is coming home🇬🇧
    We shall not be moved🇬🇧
    No surrender🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

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