Diego Costa to Rangers…

Diego Costa to Rangers…
Atletico Madrid's Spanish forward Diego Costa (L) celebrates his goal during the Spanish league football match between Club Atletico de Madrid and Elche CF at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium in Madrid on December 19, 2020. (Photo by OSCAR DEL POZO / AFP) (Photo by OSCAR DEL POZO/AFP via Getty Images)

Now, before you chew this story up and spit it out with disgusted disdain, just remember that Wolves have already been linked.

Of course, Costa is now a free agent and can go anywhere he likes, with Molineux and Arsenal supposedly interested, but neither of these sides can offer the Champions League, regardless of what wages they can afford.

Costa has made his money in football, and few would argue on his day he’s a monster of a striker.

We’re not saying this is a 100% realistic acquisition, but then we were not saying Jermain Defoe was either.

Both players in the twilight of their careers and the link to Defoe was laughed away – he too was not wanted by his present club, and wasn’t playing.

Rangers’ colossal carrot these days is our manager and Champions League. It’s something only the best clubs in Europe can offer players, and a star like Costa isn’t going to turn his nose down at that.

We’re also a little dubious about the PL links to the striker – his time with Chelsea wasn’t exactly popular and he isn’t exactly well-liked in that league.

Is he trouble? Yes, he can be. But we must say Stevie G reminds us of Walter with the no-nonsense attitude, and Costa will certainly have a lot of respect for Gerrard, as most in the football world do.

Of course, the SPL is no carrot for anyone, but the Old Firm is and always will be, although it’ll be more of a carrot when fans are back.

Wages? Yes – they’re theoretically way out of our league – the region of £250,000 a week.

If he was to come to Ibrox, he’d be taking one hell of a pay cut, but maybe those CL and Stevie carrots are strong.

It’s just an idea, but hey, if Wolves of all sides are realistically being spoken of in terms of signing him, it’s not beyond Rangers either.

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  1. Wolves can afford the wages and can offer the Premier League every week. Somehow away at Ross County or the Astro turf at Livingston, Kilmarnock and Hamilton just doesn’t have the same appeal. In any case you’d have referees up here doing things in their pants at the thought of showing him a red card.

    • Wolves may have more money overall but their best paid is around £130K. It’s obviously quite a bit more than our best offering which is Jermain Defoe at a reported £65K but they can’t afford the wages to a more blatant extent than us?

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