BBC’s latest Celtic farce helps Rangers, a LOT…

BBC’s latest Celtic farce helps Rangers, a LOT…
Laughable but what we want....

Ibrox Noise had to laugh at the BBC today.

After Rangers’ heroics this season, including staggering achievements in Europe not to mention domestically, Pacific Quay decided it merited one story by good old Tom English, pretty much isolated to the Scotland section.

Celtic fumble their way to a dodgy cup final win on penalties and the whole of BBC Sport and BBC Football splash it all over the front page in several fawning dedications.

You just have to giggle.

Sure, their 12 trophies against Aberdeen then a pathetic Rangers and a Scottish Championship side is maybe a big number, but for Rangers to achieve more in less time against far better teams is probably a bigger deal.

But no, the good old Beeb focus on how great Celtic are, ensuring testimonies from ex-Celtics defending the glory of Lennon and you name it.

In truth, this is what we’d rather have – the more the media fawn and praise all things Parkhead, the likelier Celtic are to stick with the current regime.

And we definitely want that. In all his years of managing Celtic, Neil Lennon has never overcome a full-strength Rangers. Two spells, two fails.

We’re happy with that and long may it continue. And long may the Beeb gush….

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  1. Spot guys you may seen my last post it was totally vomit sickening to say the least. Gushing about a poor rotten mob performance and a loser manager . It makes you laugh eh 😂

  2. Fuckin smokescreen trying to paper over the cracks taking the piss as usual out the girls bridgade,ask them if they happy with lemmon
    Great for us ofcourse keeping in the lidl manager
    WATP🇬🇧 sweet sixteen🍾🍻👏👏👏

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