“A choke” – dismal night for Rangers as major test fails

“A choke” – dismal night for Rangers as major test fails
Is he a Stevie favourite? We're not sure.... (Photo by Paul Campbell/Getty Images)

Words can’t express how gutted we feel right now. Tonight should have been our passage to the semi final and the third last game before winning a tournament we were heavy, heavy favourites for.

Instead, an abysmal performance on the night, with players who barely showed up, and we find ourselves choking again in the league cup.

Make no mistake, this was a 100% choke.

Sure, St Mirren are in form, and there is the old ‘any team can beat any team on the day’, which is not inaccurate.

But for Rangers to bottle it this badly in a tournament that was theirs to lose, well, words fail us.

Steven Gerrard’s men, if we’re honest in recent matches, have been a little flatter than usual.

Poznan, Utd and now tonight had not been the most sparkling displays, and it’s starting to look like the form might be dipping.

Of course, it’s just one match – let’s not knee jerk react, right?

Problem is it’s another domestic cup choke, and it has colossal implications.

If Stevie and his men choked this one, what else will they choke?

The team and squad and management have been sensational, but other teams will have watched that match and slammed it down as a blueprint for how to beat us.

Rangers-hater Bill Leckie made a comment that Rangers are like the Death Star, all-destroying but with a weak spot no one is smart enough to figure out.

St Mirren did it only a few hours after that went to print.

We don’t know what happens now – we expect a gigantic bounce back v Motherwell, because for all the tests our team has passed this season, tonight was an epic fail. And a bread and butter one at that.

Rangers have now shown vulnerability, and that they can be beaten.

It’s up to the manager and players to show it’s not something that will repeat.

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  1. The form has dipped,same in last game too against utd
    Is it the thought of the January transfer window thats causing this?
    I dont know
    SG has his work cut out now
    Forget it and move on quickly ffs

  2. It’s the simplicity that it was done is the most annoying and worrying . Why mess with the team when it’s winning. Playing young Bassey in such a critical match whilst also removing Davis was a mistake. Once again though we don’t know how to fully close important games out like Watties teams . The Benfica games cost us 1 million plus. This has cost us a trophy and cast doubt on our ability to win things .

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