“6 EL trophies but a selling club” – Rangers must follow Spanish example

“6 EL trophies but a selling club” – Rangers must follow Spanish example
Don't want to lose him....

You may have seen a piece online recently on Sevilla’s Sporting Director Ramón Rodríguez Verdej, better known as Monchi.

The chief of football operations at Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan Stadium has been in that gig pretty much his whole working life, and in that time the Spaniards have been to countless European finals and won every single one of them.

Despite Sevilla’s modest budget, thanks to Monchi, they’re a global success with a tonne of silverware – so how, you wonder, do they do this with such limited resources?

They are, categorically, a selling club.

Many Rangers fans are very proud of believing our club isn’t a selling club, that we get valuable players and they remain at Ibrox for massive spells of their career, but the Sevilla model demonstrates that only the most absolute elite clubs on planet football can afford to not be selling.

One of the obvious examples in Sevilla is Dani Alves. Cost them £500K but they sold for £25M.

And that is the model that has given Sevilla such success, especially on the European front.

Porto, CL regulars and conquered last season by Rangers in the EL did the same – in their case they reared a youth player called Fabio Silva, and sold him aged 18 to Wolves for £40M.

That is the route to success, and it’s what most clubs in Europe do – they sell players at a fortune as long as they can acquire a replacement on the cheap but who is of similar ability.

And it’s what Celtic have done – Van Dijk, Forster, Dembele, Tierney – a combined total of about £75M for those four alone have left their finances rather healthy, even if their performances aren’t.

We have a sense of ‘unsellable’ about some of our players, and while we’d love that to be true, unfortunately reality bites and when those big bids come in, it’s about finding a good replacement.

It’s worked for Sevilla for 20 years…

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  1. Of course we are a selling club. We have to be if we play in the Scottish league. Most fans know and accept that but at the same time they don’t want our best players to go until we win the league. It’s far too important at the moment.

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