The truth about Jordan Jones – exposed

The truth about Jordan Jones – exposed
We won't see this again....

This morning’s explosive statement condemning Jordan Jones and George Edmundson to an imminent Rangers exit for their deplorable conduct over the weekend will have far-reaching implications.

Rangers’ squad has been bang on with how it’s handled itself during this crisis, avoiding any poor behaviour or breach of guidelines, and that record was a proud one.

Jones and Edmundson have disgraced themselves, not the club – the club’s action against them was swift and immediate, and strict to the utmost degree, as well it should be.

But there’s more to the Jones story than meets the eye.

Jones has never been a Gerrard favourite – Stevie admitted he didn’t pick him last season through his training not being good enough, his attitude being likewise, and the NI star revealed the same thing, that he was now training better.

When he broke through at Motherwell and had a fine match, it seemed he’d finally put his issues behind him and was being professional at last.

His subsequent absence after the following (more disappointing) display v County pretty much suggested the ex-Killie winger may have gotten too big for his boots and returned to complacency, thinking he’d ‘made’ it.

Because despite that performance at Fir Park, he barely featured again.

And this latest incident has ended his Rangers career for good.

We don’t know the full picture of Jones’ time at Ibrox, but we do know Killie were glad to be rid of him. He might have been their best player but there wasn’t a fan who had a good thing to say about him.

And after this latest episode we now see why.

He’s not got it to play for a club of this size, and despite his quality, which he does have, he clearly isn’t the right stuff for the shirt.

We move on.

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  1. Ok IN I get the slant on this story , but whilst Jones is no world beater he’s good enough for Scottish Football , better than Barker in my opinion. I agree with the previous post re the breach that it was not acceptable.

    • We were huge fans of Jones too Bill, you know that. But there’s a reason Barker plays and Jones doesn’t, and this is the latest calamity from a player who promised so much.

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