Sturgeon’s words on Rangers come as total shock

Sturgeon’s words on Rangers come as total shock
NICE, FRANCE - JUNE 09: Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland looks on from the stands prior to the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup France group D match between England and Scotland at Stade de Nice on June 09, 2019 in Nice, France. (Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images)

The Nicola Sturgeon-led Scottish government’s praise of Rangers’ handling of the silly pair over the weekend certainly marks a big, big change in just how Rangers are being perceived within Scotland, and the greater picture.

If we’d gone back even a couple of months, there is absolutely no way our government would have singled us out for praise over anything, never mind our handling and response to what Edmundson and Jones did.

But yesterday the SNP-based government lavished words of support upon the club for its response and frankly it makes one hell of a change.

Do we need their commendation? No – but them providing it does suggest there is a shift occurring in the annals of the game, with Rangers getting better and better and Celtic deteriorating somewhat.

It always tends to be the theme in Scotland that the governing bodies and indeed government ‘bias’ is with whichever team is the champion or best.

Back in the day when Rangers ruled our game, it was our men in the SFA, our men running the show. Walter Smith as manager, Gordon Smith CEO – the past decade it’s been Celtic men or Rangers-hating men.

We do feel there’s a little change coming, and the government’s positive words about us are unlike them in recent times where Sturgeon appeared to favour all things Celtic. Or not Rangers.

Does it mean the Scottish world just went pro-Rangers? Probably not, too soon to say.

But it does mean Rangers are being far more courted by the places we used to be.

And that’s has implications alright…

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  1. Don’t want to rant , however let’s be very careful here. All of Scottish Process both political and football has totally green leaning bias . Ms Sturgeon will see her arse once the real issues after covid surface . Onwards 55

  2. Sturgeon hates Rangers. When Rangers players who are based in her constituency were assaulted at their place of work she did not condemn the actions of Hibs fans but said she celebrated with her Hibs supporting husband
    So these platitudes are not worth a monkey’s. If Rangers had not acted swiftly she would have taken great delight in shafting us.
    She will her her day in the near future when all her lies are exposed

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