Stevie may lack faith in major summer signing

Stevie may lack faith in major summer signing
He will lose at least one big player this summer... (Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images)

Yesterday’s stroll v Falkirk was exactly that, a walk in the park. Rangers travelled over to the Bairns and absolutely rolled them over, even if their response to the first goal was feisty and admirable.

But if there was one or two slight negatives to this match, and we really are clutching at straws here, one was Cedric Itten.

Now, we’ll be clear – he was out of position again on the right, and he was on a surface which he’s barely to never played before.

But that said, there’s no denying that deep into the winter now and every single player our manager has signed (particularly this season/year) has shown their worth on more than one occasion – apart from the Swiss.

Obviously that position caveat is significant – he’s not a winger, miles off it, and he was asked to play as one supporting Jermain Defoe.

And just like his last start in the same slot, he was unable to have a major impact at all.

But aside those two strikes in Motherwell, we’re still waiting to see what drove Stevie to bring him in, on a football level at least.

He’s a Swiss international, he must be able to play a bit, but right now we’re not seeing that. And it may be a major reason our manager isn’t really using him.

Think about Borna – sure, it took him a full 15 months to settle at Ibrox, but he played plenty that first season too, with Andy Halliday and Jon Flanagan for company.

Itten has hardly figured at all.

When players deliver in training, the manager will give them minutes. We don’t know what Itten is doing in the sessions, but whatever it is, the manager doesn’t have faith in him yet.

In time hopefully he will, and we’ll see what the £3M went on.

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  1. That one is pretty straight forward. Itten and Roofe were brought in to replace Morelos. Morelos stayed (unfortunately) and now we’re having to rotate and shoehorn players in to positions they don’t play just to give them game time. Roofe can play a number of slots, Itten is a striker. He’ll never perform as he could as long as Stevie keeps him wide. I’d have Itten up front over Morelos, to be honest. Boy is a composed finisher and has great link up play. Needs a run in his actual position, but will never get it while we’re overloaded up top. It’s like buying Messi, playing him in defence then wondering why he’s pish.

  2. I have say I was one of the sceptics to Itten over Dykes but I must admit that his finishing is good and his hold up/link play is decent. Let’s see what happens with him once Morelos goes . 3 million is peanuts , I hope SG and his team along Ross are planning for 56 and the next level

  3. I thought Itten did some good things against Falkirk and think there is an accomplished player in there. He needs a run in the team and barring injuries to Morelos, Defoe and Roofe it’s hard to see where he will get that game time.

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