Steven Gerrard confirms his final decision on disgraced pair

Steven Gerrard confirms his final decision on disgraced pair
Not ideal....

As we all know, Jordan Jones and George Edmundson find themselves banned for 7 matches, fair or not, but for this entry, we focus Steven Gerrard’s official verdict on the shambolic conduct which got them there, and more specifically, those apologies delivered ‘unreservedly’.

In short, do they wash? Do we forgive?

In George Edmundson’s case there’s a little slack. He’s a fairly young lad who, aside this, has conducted himself impeccably despite being such a fringe player who’d have expected to feature more.

He’s not said anything stupid, he’s behaved with dignity, and until this misdemeanour he’d carried himself as we expect. In fact, he’d been very mature albeit he’s not a child any more having just turned 23.

In his case, there’s a little room for manoeuvre.

Jordan Jones however, has a lot less slack. He’s 26 now, he’s said a few silly things here and there and that red card from 2019 still haunts him. He’s not behaved dreadfully as a Rangers player but we do feel he’s had more ignominy than anyone else in the squad, and as much as regular readers (looking at you Bill) rate him highly and know we do too as a player, as a person he falls short of the standards we expect at our club.

He’s an international, and he should known better. One crime, ok, forgivable. Two, meh. Three or more and it’s time up. It’s hard to say how many things he’s done wrong, but we’d have to add his poor training, which he admits himself he was guilty of.

So, for us, there’s a little scope to forgive Edmundson, but how many times do we need to do the same with Jones?

But, Gerrard himself has confirmed today that regardless of what the fans may think, both players’ futures remain at Ibrox and they’re in his plans:

“They’ve gone about it in the right way since they’ve accepted their punishments. Obviously we’ve been waiting for yesterday’s hearing as well. We’re pleased that’s done and out of the way and we’ll now move forward and try to get these players both back to where they need to be.”

So, whatever you or we think, Stevie has spoken, and that’s the end of it.

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