Sky Sports’ pro-Celtic anti-Rangers bias exposed again

Sky Sports’ pro-Celtic anti-Rangers bias exposed again
They really need to hire better people....

Sky Sports once again betrayed their pro-Celtic bias after emphasising the importance of Celtic winning 10IAR*.

The broadcaster previously discussed how the second Champions League spot was a big boost to Rangers some weeks ago, implying they had Celtic for the title rather than Rangers, and they have now followed that up by announcing Celtic’s trip to Ibrox on the 2nd of January will show… well let’s show you:

“This will be their second meeting of the season after Rangers beat Celtic 2-0 at Celtic Park back in October and could go a long way in deciding whether Neil Lennon’s team can make history by winning a tenth top-flight title in a row this campaign.”

Not a dickie bird about how Rangers are going for 55, how we’re favourites, or even more significantly whether Steven Gerrard can secure his first career league title of any description, and naturally whether Rangers can win their first since 2011.

No, all about the importance of Celtic’s 10IAR*, and whether they can do it.

Sky do have a lot of Rangers-minded employees. Jim White, Kris Boyd, Ally McCoist and occasionally Neil McCann, so it’s not an absolute 100% bias, but there’s no question their writing department seems to lean towards Parkhead more often than not in how it expresses things.

To be fair, that quote only had to say ‘or whether Steven Gerrard can manage his first league title as manager or player’ to be a little more impartial.

Nope, all about what Celtic want to do.

And they wonder why we consider certain aspects of the media biased…

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  1. Non of any of the media reporting surprises me. They are mostly Rangers haters who only see us as bigots , cheats etc etc etc . Only way to shut them up is to win 55 . End of .

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