Rangers outrage after shocker of a headline

Rangers outrage after shocker of a headline
So, so poor.

The usually-decent Glasgow Times, formerly the Evening Times, has covered itself in disgrace this evening with a headline which manages to promote two men as having cv as a ‘good thing’ or ‘boost’.

The dreadful headline, which discusses how two Benfica stars have been blighted with the awful illness, claims the situation is a ‘boost’ to Rangers, and fails miserably to take into account decency that we don’t want anyone to get the condition.

Don’t get us wrong, there is a benefit to Rangers to not facing a full-strength Benfica for injury or suspension reasons, yes, but to word the contraction of the illness as a ‘boost’ to their opponents completely overrides basic human decency and is deeply irresponsible.

We don’t want anyone to fall foul of this affliction, and we do not consider it a ‘boost’ that two men now have this illness, even if it means we won’t face them in Europe.

As Rangers fans discussed, we don’t want any of our opponents weakened for any reason, but especially not this one, and it only makes our rotten media look even worse when one of our most prominent local papers makes a headline like this.

Poor. Very very poor.

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  1. Disgraceful headlining of anything indirect or direct to stain Rangers again . Shocking poor journalism that shows our little country for what it is .

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