Rangers’ humiliation of Neil Doncaster continues

Rangers’ humiliation of Neil Doncaster continues
Our leader, folks.... (Photo by Tom Dulat/Getty Images).

Our look yesterday at the stellar job James Bisgrove is doing to secure yet more sponsorship is as much a damning smear on the pathetically useless job Neil Doncaster is doing as it is praise on our commercial director.

In the past few months we’ve seen an energy drink, confectionary, and a bunch of other deals being paraded at Ibrox, while Doncaster sits on his backside and STILL fails to get his domain any sponsor whatsoever.

Bisgrove has achieved four or even five times over in just a few months what Doncaster has absolutely flopped at twice in a grand total of at least two and a half years, if we include the farce barren spell prior to Ladbrokes.

Neil can whine at the ‘climate’ all he likes, but it isn’t stopping Rangers getting these major deals.

No, the Scottish Premiership embarrassingly bumbles on without a big-name sponsorship package, without that extra revenue it needs to fund things like, you know, prize money, while Rangers’ own departments manage contract after contract.

The truth is, the SPFL board have already absolutely bombed this league – their farce vote has absolutely tarnished any desire big brands would have of partnering.

Even France, who did something similar in calling the league early, managed to get a slightly strange deal with transport giant Uber Eats, mainly because the outcome wasn’t left to an idiotic vote.

And now Doncaster’s actions have led to a zero-credibility league which companies don’t want to touch with a bargepole.

But hey, that’s why they pay him the near-half mill a year, right?

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  1. I would seriously like to know what Doncaster brings for his £500k a year that £100k wouldn’t. It’s jobs for the boys at the expense of the Scottish game which unfortunately we have to be part of. Rangers and Ceptic could do so much better if they could get to England and leave this dross behind.

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