Rangers get another upgrade at no expense spared

Rangers get another upgrade at no expense spared
The new setup....

We’re a little late to the party with this one, but we once again have to majorly commend Rangers for yet another upgrade to the club, this time a further one to Rangers TV in giving Emma Dodds and co an actual indoor studio.

The new RTV, widely praised and produced at no small expense, has been an absolute revelation, with superior commentary from Clive Tyldesley and much better presentation, but until recently, they’d been ‘doing a BT’ and having the presenters stand pitch-side.

But now RTV have had a fully-fledged studio built at Ibrox, and while the weekend wasn’t its debut (stand-in presenter Becky Ives was the debutant presenter v Livi last month while Doddsy was enjoying a day off for her birthday) it was certainly referred to by the main host this weekend for her first go.

The rather slick new setup does look extremely professional and much more like what a proper studio for a serious football club would resemble.

Of course back in the old days on cable/Sky when Alison Douglas was the presenter we did have a proper studio back then, but these are different times and seeing little expense spared in getting a pro setup again only makes our club look far more serious.

Compared with last season and earlier and Tom Miller’s presentation while frozen in the stands beside whichever pundit was along for the ride the quality of this update is stunning, and not before time.

Rangers are doing it on the pitch, and while it’s less important, they’re doing it off the pitch too.

And frankly we can’t praise it highly enough.

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  1. The biggest upgrade is in the pundits. Now we get Kevin Thomson, Neil McCann, Alex Rae and the likes where once we got the legendary Hugh Burns who thinks Graeme Souness is a dick! Should we take a vote?

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