Rangers fans will laugh as BBC turn on Celtic

Oh they won't like this....

And not only that, but bigged up Rangers too.

The BBC, long-known for their pro-Celtic bias, today slaughtered Neil Lennon and his team, while praising Rangers and Alfredo Morelos, in an amusing shift in policy, whereby the Beeb appear to be gently attempting to ingratiate themselves to the best team in Scotland.

Of course, Rangers fans are unlikely to embrace them with open arms, given the history that’s gone on between both groups, but the tone of their reporting of Rangers recently compared with their slamming of all things Celtic is certainly notable and noticeable.

Does it mean much? Who knows. BBC are not banned from Ibrox and never were – their single anti-Rangers hack Chris McLaughlin had his privileges revoked, but he wasn’t banned.

Instead Pacific Quay boycotted Rangers in an act which lasts to this very day.

But the tone of their reporting of Rangers and the new tone of how they’re addressing Celtic is very interesting indeed.

We will watch this one with interest…


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