Rangers fans slaughter £3M man after controversy

Rangers fans slaughter £3M man after controversy
Benfica's Uruguayan forward Darwin Nunez challenges Rangers' Swedish defender Filip Helander (back) during the UEFA Europa League group D football match between SL Benfica and Glasgow Rangers at the Luz stadium in Lisbon on November 5, 2020. (Photo by PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA / AFP) (Photo by PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA/AFP via Getty Images)

Last night Rangers’ result was a bitter pill to swallow, but we’re truly disquieted by how angrily so many fans are responding to the most consistent defender we’ve had all season.

Filip Helander had a bad one, no way of getting past that. This was an ugly display up there with his struggles at Killie last season.

But the way so many fans are rounding on him blaming him squarely for the result and ignoring his absolutely excellent performances otherwise this season is the very kind of behaviour they used to slate our manager for.

After a bad performance, the old Steven Gerrard would throw a player by name under the bus. Did it time and time again. He’d blame that player and single him out, and it would divide a number of the fans who slated the boss for demoralising individuals.

Gerrard learned, and doesn’t do that now – he keeps it all in house and publicly supports or occasionally constructively and gently criticises the individual in a fair manner.

On the other hand, the fans who attacked him for the way he used to be are now absolutely hounding Helander, demanding he be sold, dropped, ditched, flogged you name it.

Yes, he had a bad night, but the ugly and emotional reaction to a solitary bad display has been disheartening to say the least.

Everyone’s allowed a bad match, but from being our best defender he’s now being pursued with a pitchfork, as if the name Shane Duffy didn’t even exist.

Get off his back, and give him the chance to get this bad night out of his system.

If you’re going to support us when we win, stop turning on our best players when we occasionally don’t.

Otherwise you’re exactly the same as fans from the other side. And no one wants that.

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  1. U cant just blame Helander for the 2nd goal. We had numerous chances to keep the ball and run out the game with a win. But 80+ mins, everytime we got the ball back we were trying to make crazy thread through a needle passes tht just werent on, gifting Benfica the ball back. Aye, his defending could have been better for both goals, but it wasnt Helanders defending that turned a fine win into a draw.

  2. I agree Helander had a poor night but we blew it by not keeping the ball and seeing the game out . This was coupled with poor finishing by Kent Morelos and Aribo this was evident again same as Sunday . We need to be ruthless, had it been Benfica 3- 1 up they would have slaughtered us . Its a very worrying trend and led to us being labelled bottlers last season for that reason . I hope SG reads the riot act cause this slackness could cost us 55. Onwards 55.

  3. Before the match started we would have taken a 3/3 draw. We should be grateful for the fortune we got. Support the Gers,end off.!

  4. Helander had a poor night but he has been excellent this season. When we went into the last 5 minutes the ball should have kept in the corners of the Benfica half instead of chasing 4th goal. Look most people would have accepted a draw before the game so it is not the worst result in the world. The main thing now is to put Hamilton to the sword on Sunday and then rest up the majority of the squad during the international break.

  5. I think last season he was bedding in , but this season Benfica apart he’s been class so for me I say he had a bad night put it behind us for him and the team .

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