Outrage as hack uses the dead to attack Rangers

Outrage as hack uses the dead to attack Rangers
Ugly ugly comments.

Shock Jock Hugh Keevins has lost the actual sanity plot after using Scotland’s cv dead to attack Rangers with.

Even for him, his latest comments are a genuine disgrace and may well be looked at by the authorities, after his column appeared in and were by nature endorsed in a national red top.

His comment read:

“There are more than 5000 people who have nothing to say about the decision to suspend Rangers’ George Edmundson and Jordan Jones. That’s because they’re dead.”

There are some times where we accept someone has misspoken, or put their foot in it, but in this case Keevins’ comment is morally diabolical, in using a crisis like this to point score about a football decision.

That this scribe was allowed to make this comment without vetting, that his paper endorses it, is a truly flabbergasting state of affairs and we’ve not even started on the fact he ignores all other SPFL players to have been caught violating the guidelines, or the fact he ignored that Rangers’ players were dealt the most harshly.

Sometimes words don’t cover it. Yes, we know he’s a Celtic fan, but this is just irreprehensible.

Appalling Hugh, appalling.

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  1. He obviously needs help , dont mock the man just pity him . We are better than that . My favourite number is 55 . Smell the fear .

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