Outgoing Clare Whyte takes apparent parting shot at Rangers

Outgoing Clare Whyte takes apparent parting shot at Rangers
It's not what you think....

Jordan Jones and George Edmundson received 7-match bans yesterday, and the wires have been awash with reaction over the sentence, and crucially its length.

The key issue here is that Aberdeen’s entire first team did the same thing, and got away with a far lesser sentence, while Celtic’s Bolingoli did kind of worse and was similarly punished to a lesser degree.

But two Rangers men commit the same offence, give or take, and will now not be able to kick a ball in anger till effectively January?

Fans are questioning the apparent hypocrisy here, and the truth?

They’re absolutely correct to.

The reality is this looks, to all intents and purposes, like a final vindictive act from Clare Whyte before she actually steps down – now it’s true that these bans are handed down by an ‘independent’ panel but given Scotland’s governing bodies the SFA and SPFL tend to appoint their own ‘independent’ panels to hand out punishment we’d wonder exactly how impartial the judges were.

No, we’d not be at all shocked if she ensured Rangers offenders, as out of line as they were, were dealt more harshly than their Aberdeen or Celtic counterparts.

There is no reason logically why their sentence was double as severe as the others, other, that is, than someone pulling the strings who might want to hurt Rangers.

True, these guys were only fringe, and barely played anyway, but the law should be rather consistent and it clearly wasn’t here.

But always the case when it’s Rangers huh?

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  1. Shocking disgraceful again and again they disrespect all things Rangers . No way they should’ve been given 7 game ban it wrong it’s spiteful and reeks of bigotry and hatred .

  2. This has almost gone unnoticed because it involves 2 fringe players that we don’t really need at the moment. Had it been Kent and Tavernier I’m sure all he’ll would’ve broken loose and we’d all be screaming about the injustice of it. In that case we should be making similar representations on behalf of Edmundson and Jones because the punishment is unfair and bears no relation to any other punishment that has been handed out. Unfair is unfair!!!

  3. She’s hd it in for rangers for ages lawell gt her the job says it all & with help from bbc sportscene trail by TV incl presenters /pundits as bbc hate ibrox love Park head says iall

  4. Glass half full. I’d say in doing so she’s strengthened us as it’s apparent that any rangers player stepping out of their bubbles will be harshly & unfairly dealt with by the governing body, therefore it’ll be drummed in to them the importance of it all. Who wants banned for 7 games. Fk her, fk the sfa, we’ll win the league, if they don’t null & void it lol

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