One treble is over, and one is starting….

One treble is over, and one is starting….
An absolute disgrace....

This afternoon was seismic in Scottish football, with Celtic’s possible treble ending and Rangers’ staying on course.

Celtic, as we know, disgraced themselves with yet another cowardly performance, this time getting gubbed to the tune of 0-2 at home by the fairly darn ordinary Ross County, while Rangers travelled to Falkirk and absolutely took apart the home side by way of with a fringe squad.

To watch the sea-change in our game happening is a pure joy, watching the meltdown at Parkhead as hundreds of fans tried to get into the stadium to spout their displeasure, while Rangers were coasting on yet another plastic pitch.

8+ years we put up with the Banter Years, the abuse, the constant garbage from Celtic fans, and now they know truly that we are not only back, but we are better than they have ever been in these past 8 years.

However you judge it, Celtic losing again, this time in the League Cup, was a truly gigantic moment in the history of our game.

It showed their downward spiral is official, and real – it’s not just a blip, it’s the end of their little fake spell at the top of our game.

And they know it.

Are we stating we’ll win the league? Yes. We must. We’re by far the best team in this country, and we would only have ourselves to blame if we don’t.

And with our eastern cousins having a mental breakdown across the city, we’re allowed to enjoy it.

Don’t gloat too much yet, nothing is indeed won.

But it should be, and will.

Lennon Must Stay.

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  1. What a fantastic day for us. Surely the League Cup will be Gerrard’s first just it was for Souness. The league is a bit different. There’s still a lot of hard work required but Ceptic are now in the last chance saloon and can’t afford any more slip ups. We just have to keep winning to exert maximum pressure.

  2. I’m enjoying every minute of thier demise they will no longer disrespect our great club whilst delivering flawed bent and poisonous titles, to their deluded SNP hordes whilst passing lying comments about the Famous. Onwards 55 put them and the rest of Scottish Football to the sword and in their place where they all belong below US.

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