Months after McGregor firebomb, another Old Firm car targeted

Months after McGregor firebomb, another Old Firm car targeted
We're not sure who was indeed targeted...

Once again an Old Firm player is subjected to the appalling abuse of a firebomb on their property, with shock confirmation Celtic’s Leigh Griffiths suffered a car blaze months after Allan McGregor was struck with one.

It’s yet another escalation of the dark mental state of Scotland these days, following Alfredo Morelos’ car being allegedly being tampered with and Rangers’ goalie seeing a Molotov chucked onto his motor.

Let’s make no mistake – we don’t care who someone plays for, there is no place for this wanton violence which is a risk to life and is most definitely criminal damage.

How utterly brainless do you have to be, how malevolent are your intentions to try to blow up someone’s car when it’s on their property?

It doesn’t matter if it’s McGregor, Morelos or Griffiths, cars being targeted like this is simply beyond the pale and there’s no place for it.

We hope no one was injured in any of these incidents, and all those responsible for such mayhem are apprehended with the full force of the law.

Do these idiots not realise the sheer carnage they’re causing? Do they not care?

And it would be even worse if it’s ‘retribution’ by idiots for what happened to McGregor fairly recently – all they’re doing is risking someone’s life.

We would ‘hope’ these weren’t Old Firm ‘fans’ in either or any case, but does it really matter?

They’re definitely morons and dangerous morons at that.

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