Media launches major and sustained attack on Rangers – again

Media launches major and sustained attack on Rangers – again
They're at it again....

It’s starting to get almost monotonously tedious but today yet another attack on Rangers has taken place, this time on Ryan Kent for the crime of changing his agent.

His family (especially his brother Casper) has now taken charge of his business deals rather than Crown Football ltd who previously worked with him, and the immediate press reaction has been to seize on this as a clear act of intention to move.

Once again a Rangers player does something and the media uses it as a reason to attack the club and suggest he isn’t happy at Ibrox.

Which is absolutely preposterous.

We all know he has personal reasons as well as professional ones for remaining in Glasgow, and the reality is his family taking charge of affairs actually ENHANCES his likelihood of staying even longer.

His agent works for the client, but like any football agent is looking for the best deal for themselves – whereas his family truly is looking out for his best interests and what makes him the happiest.

The reality is Ryan Kent changed agent BECAUSE he wants to stay at Ibrox, NOT because he wants to leave.

His agent would desperately want to get him the Leeds move to get a big payday, but by giving his affairs to his family, they will do far more for his best interests than an agent will.

And if he’s happy here with his club, and his Glasgow-based girlfriend, not to mention his European football exposure, and likelihood of Champions League next season as well as the small matter of 55, then we’re not really sure why he’d move south to Leeds.

Oh, because Kevin Phillips told that to Clickbait Insider, of course.

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