“League isn’t won in November” – some Rangers fans refuse to enjoy it

“League isn’t won in November” – some Rangers fans refuse to enjoy it
They won't be happy at all! (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

If there’s one thing starting to really annoy us at Ibrox Noise it’s Rangers fans. Ok, not quite all Rangers fans, but it’s that growing subsection of our fanbase which insists, almost proudly, of putting a negative spin on everything this season.

And by this we mean the consistent pouring of cold water on every time we praise the team, a player, or a manager.

‘Not won anything yet’.

‘Stop getting ahead of yourselves’.

‘League isn’t won in November’.

‘Get a grip’.

We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve praised the club for the progress it’s made and been greeted by so-called fans desperate to bring darkness in on the conversation and refuse to enjoy any of this.

9+ years we’ve been without any real sight of success, with those same fans saying ‘give him a chance’ or ‘support the club’ throughout it all, and the literal moment the team turns a corner and looks 100% the best in the country, those supporters pour cold water on the conversation and tell others to be quiet.

We are absolutely fed up of the negativity from some sections of the support.

We’re no hypocrites here – we know we’ve been guilty of criticism of the club in the past, and we stand by everything because that criticism in part (not just from us) propelled us to where we now are.

But the refusal on so many fans’ parts to actually allow themselves to enjoy this is infuriating and not with the spirit, in truth.

In further truth, when this club wins the league this season (if not more) these same fans will fail to celebrate it and dismiss it as meaningless till we win more leagues.

In short, we have a really grumpy portion of fans there who don’t see the positive, and are so cautious as to be miserable.

We can’t stop them, but we can moan about them.

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  1. I dnt think some are grumpy, well some are lol but some of the ones saying “weve not won anything yet” are just cautious or a bit paranoid its all going to go up in the air again, as weve had a few false dawns in the past few years lets be honest.

  2. I think it’s fine to enjoy the great start to the season, smile at Celtic’s troubles and still believe it’s too early for title talk. I don’t think those things are mutually exclusive.

    Overconfidence breeds complacency, and it’s important our team remains grounded and focused over the coming months, and we, the fan base, can best help our team by showing those qualities ourselves.

    One game at a time and looking only to the next match til the jobs done. That doesn’t mean I want the title any less or won’t celebrate it when it happens. WATP

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