Lafferty and NI attack is unnacceptable

Lafferty and NI attack is unnacceptable
Not a laughing matter, any of it.

There’s been a huge furore recently over Kyle Lafferty and his late sister’s passing (RIP) and specifically Leigh Griffiths’ apparent reaction to it.

Lafferty is obviously in a bad place right now, and has grieving to do, but while the man’s tweet like was clearly incredibly poorly thought out, we don’t want to believe he was actually mocking Lafferty’s loss.

Of all players, choosing Lafferty for that picture was ignorant and dumb, but even then – why would any Scottish player thrive on seeing Northern Ireland fail to make the Euros?

As a nation, we have next to no beef with Northern Ireland – and to dance with joy that they’d failed to get to the Euros makes no sense except being incredibly petty. And pathetic, in fact.

Does Griffiths deserve the hate? Probably not to the extreme that he’s had, but whether he was making a shocking smear towards Lafferty over his sister or indeed attacking Northern Ireland for not qualifying (is he aware his manager is Northern Irish), it was a frankly rotten like to make.

Either way, he’s proven himself to be a petty-minded sh*t who thrives on other countries’ failure.

The original tweet probably covered every aspect of poor taste, but it doesn’t matter – Griffiths endorsed it, and either slagged off Lafferty’s loss or Northern Ireland – absolutely rotten in either case.

No, he’s shown his true character here, and honestly? We’d have no issue with Ireland qualifying, with England qualifying – basically, grow up Leigh, on every level.

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  1. Griffith’s whole demeanor has always been in area where he borders, no not borders is always over the edge. His own mental problems are well documented in various forms , he is in no position to throw stones or insults . Poor to distasteful from a silly boy with crap attitude….

  2. I doubt that there was ever any intention to mock the loss of Lafferty’s sister. However, the defence of this idiot by saying “he’s not that type of person” made me laugh.
    Here’s a guy who takes time out from celebrating Scotland’s biggest success in 22 years to mock the failure of a fellow professional to do likewise. And does anyone in the media want to ponder why he chose Lafferty? No, I thought not. Griffiths is the worst type of scum that unfortunately reflects too many people in this small minded country.

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