Have Rangers made major board change on the quiet?

Have Rangers made major board change on the quiet?
Might just be....

Earlier this year Dave King stepped down as Rangers chairman, as the boss, as the oft-mislabelled ‘owner’ of the club.

He felt he’d left it in the capable hands of interim chairman Douglas Park, and if the past 4-6 months have been anything to go by, the club is even more stable and strong under the BMW supremo.

But there’s been a little shift which few noticed, which never got announced, and which seems to be absolutey:

Douglas Park is no longer ‘interim’ chairman, but is in fact the de-facto outright chairman and head honcho now.

True, he’s not executive, in fact no one on Rangers’ board is actually executive at all – the only one who was was King, and he’s now just a director.

But Park is no longer referred to as ‘interim’ by anyone, and seems to have secured the position permanently, in a move which will surprise few but delight most.

Rangers under Park have been assured, dignified, and truly behaved in the way we expect our club to.

There were a few doubts about King, about his statements if not his intent. He was a bit too brash, bravado and keen on a headline. All in the club’s interests, true, but not exactly typical of this club and its more subtle conduct.

With Park, however, it’s been far more what we normally get from our Rangers board, and the performances on the pitch have been outstanding.

Whether it’s definite that Park is permanent or not, he thoroughly should be.

We’re definitely in safe hands with him.

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  1. Correct Mr Park is a true Rangers man and good selection and safe hands as chairman big respect for you sir. Let’s not forget however what Mr King did for Rangers in our dire need along with other ‘Concert Party Bears !’ but most importantly Mr King himself putting real money where his mouth was to extinguish the wretches that threatened our Famous club .

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