As Scottish football shifts, Lennon’s bum gets squeaky…

As Scottish football shifts, Lennon’s bum gets squeaky…
Try not to laugh....

Ever since 2012 Rangers supporters have had to tolerate the so-called ‘banter years’ with Celtic fans. Their obsession with smearing our club, with mocking, laughing, deriding pretty much everything from Ibrox, with, in fairness, a fair amount of ammo, knew no bounds and they swarmed our sites, including Ibrox Noise, with a level of passion they might have preferred to save for their own club.

Over, literally, the last four months, the seismic shift in Scottish football has been staggering, just like it was over four months in late 2011 early 2012.

Four months, August, September, October, and November have all seen a colossal groundswell of change, as Rangers have risen so stunningly dramatically while Celtic have utterly caved under the pressure.

And we have to say, from Celtic fans, silence is golden.

What is the most reliable sports betting site? The one that could predict how quiet they’d be…

Every day we’d been lambasted with the latest negative Rangers headline, the latest grumpy story telling us of disaster.

Every day on this site for years we’d get dozens of messages mocking us warning of the ‘inevitable’ admin2, of how Dave King would bail on us and leave us in the brown stuff.

Here we are in late November 2020, none of these things have happened, and while King did step down as Chairman, he left us in excellent hands in the form of Douglas Park.

And while our finances have suffered a bit at the hands of cv (hasn’t everyone) they’re in a better place than they might have been, and we’ve even seen investiment.

And as Celtic’s fortunes start to dwindle, as they get gubbed again in Europe and can only draw at Easter Road, the sea-change we’re witnessing at the top of our game is thoroughly tangible.

Remember, an entire generation of Rangers fans has grown up not knowing our club as the number one in Scotland, they grew up with us being a lower division team and getting promotion – and for us older Bears we’ve had effectively a decade stolen from us as we fought our way back.

We’ve had 8+ years of dealing with our team in the doldrums, as it desperately tried to regain its place at the top of Scottish football.

And while, as we said earlier, the job is not yet finished, the improvement from Rangers has seen a Celtic collapse, and the clear ending of an era at Parkhead.

It’s by no means over yet, far from it. We’re still to win anything.

But few could deny that Rangers are the best team in the land now, while Celtic wither and fade.

About time too.

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  1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Yes and they finish 3rd behind the sheep🐑👏🍾
    Its begining to look a lot christmas everwhere you go👏👏👏🍻🍾🥁

  2. Thursday is now my favourite day of the week. Just keep it going. Win every game up to the next Old Firm game then we have a great opportunity to finish them off. If they slip up again somewhere before then all the better.

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