“A market of billions” – Rangers grow global empire further

“A market of billions” – Rangers grow global empire further
The man is a genius....

Rangers’ announcement over the past 24 that we will exclusively broadcast the Indian Super League for free on our social media channels is yet another remarkably savvy move by a club slowly tapping into the fastest growing football market on the planet.

With a population that has now nearly caught that of China at around 1.4B people, India is the new Promised Land for European clubs, with a tonne of cash and millions and millions of potential new fans just waiting to spend their cash.

We all know the power of positive press in Asia – UK clubs have had great success with promotion in countries like Vietnam, China, Indonesia and Malaysia, but the Indian market hasn’t been as obviously exploited.

With this latest move, which supplements the millions who are now watching Rangers in India as we speak, Rangers will expand the market considerably.

By showing Indian football here, it will pique the interest even more of the millions of fans back home. We all know just how interesting it is to fans of clubs when their clubs get shown in other countries, and how that can potentially lead to new fans of clubs in that country – and in this case, it’s all about the Rangers.

So this is another genius move from marketing guru James Bisgrove who really is one of the best we’ve ever had in that job.

Yet more good news.

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