“A lot of money” – Stevie G makes big demand

“A lot of money” – Stevie G makes big demand
Not the best news....

Steven Gerrard has admitted for the first time that Rangers’ squad, as we discuss regularly on Ibrox Noise, is now filled with key assets worth big money.

The manager was speaking about the financial results, conceding they’re maybe not ideal, even if under control, and revealing that the playing squad could be, in part, slightly sacrificed in future if the offer is right and the bid is big enough.

“The team is littered now with big assets. The team is worth an awful lot of money now compared to what it was.”

This is the key quote here – Stevie knows he’s build a truly marquee squad which has many many players who are worth well beyond £10M, quite a few worth beyond £20M and even more than one worth considerably more.

And while the club can handle the financial situation, selling valuable assets is a well-established way of balancing the books whether you’re Rangers, Real Madrid or anyone else.

There is no pressing need to sell anyone, the board certainly has control over the numbers for now and Rangers are in no danger, but the £15M loss, mainly down to the (easing) crisis over the past year, will need to turnaround to make the club healthy again.

Hopefully this can be done via investment and club revenue, but Gerrard’s announcement does do two things:

1: It slightly opens up the possibility of sales in the future.

2: It forces bidding teams’ hands into submitting serious numbers. No one is getting Ryan Kent for £10M or Glen Kamara for £15M.

Stevie’s right, as we’ve preached for a long time ourselves. But mercifully it’s not a pressing concern, and is just nice to know the club values the players as we do.

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